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Variachem Ltd offers services to meet customer demand and expectations, which is vital in the successful operation of the company.

The basis of Variachem’s customer-oriented marketing approach is constantly bettering the level and quality of its services in order to ensure the company’s competitiveness. To control the flow of the operations, the company has introduced the relevant section of quality systems, ISO 9001:2008, in accordance with international requirements.

In order to achieve its business and quality strategies, Variachem co-operates closely with its suppliers. The supplied products always have to be of excellent quality, while delivery dates and documentation have to be strictly and accurately kept. In all areas of the business, our target is keeping good partner relations, which are mutually beneficial to all involved.

Variachem Ltd. expects all staff to perform their work effectively and efficiently to the best of their ability according to the parameters set by the company. Each staff member is responsible for performing within the guidelines of the quality system. 

14 May, 2010, Budapest

Zoltán Pintér
Managing Director


Environmental Protection Principles

Environmental protection is a fundamental priority in the business operations of Variachem Ltd.
The following issues are considered:

  • Compliance with the appropriate legislature;
  • Continuos development of environmental protection factors;
  • Considering environmental issues when developing existing processes or introducing new ones;
  • Minimizing unavoidable environmental impact when handling, storing or shipping products;
  • Raising environmental awareness amongst staff members.

All the above principles are the duty and responsibility of each and every staff member.

11 January, 2000, Budapest

Zoltán Pintér
Managing Director

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